DM-Temple-b1 (Tabled)

The cave coming from an tunnel from the temple to cave.

A top view of the map showing the actual size and layout of the map.

The map is based on a symmetrical style that allows easy access to any part of the map.


Reason for table: The reason for first starting this project no longer exists but may be used at a later time.

This was a small 1 on 1 map that I created for a project but was canceled part way through. Unlike the project of (pl_complex) I focused more on the environment of the cave under the temple on the top. Being a 1 on 1 map I eliminated a lot of cover that you would normally find in a team based map. There are the two central points in the map, the statue and the pillar in the cave. The map has 3 connecting tunnels and a drop that can be used to get from the cave to the temple.

The weapon set up is set so that the most powerful weapon is out in the open in which is easier to be hit by an enemy. Of course spawn points are randomly strewn about trying to avoid most weapon spawns.

There is only 1 health pickup in the whole map and also there is a double damage spawn on the hanging platform between the cave and temple. The hanging platform is visible by both the temple level and the cave level making it very dangerous to obtain.

*This level was created using only default textures and meshes.


Level Design, Map Making, UDK